Thoughts for February 3 from Fr Willie Doyle


St Therese of Lisieux

It seems to me that the best and most practical resolution I can make is to determine to perform each action with the greatest perfection. This will mean a constant going against self, ever agendo contra, at every moment and every single day. I have a vast field to cover in my ordinary daily actions e.g. to say the Angelus always with the utmost attention and fervour. I feel too that Jesus asks this from me as without it there can be no real holiness.

COMMENT: Fr Doyle here presents to us the “little way” of holiness in ordinary life which is the hallmark of real sanctity. Many great saints have advocated this realistic path to sanctity; St Therese and St Josemaria Escriva immediately come to mind. It is perhaps no surprise that Fr Doyle was greatly devoted to St Therese and that St Josemaria read, and was inspired by, Fr Doyle’s life story.

Yet, for all its apparent simplicity, this little way of constantly going against ourselves is a tough road. Yet it is the only road for most of us. The opportunity of doing great things may not come to us, but we have the opportunity of doing our daily tasks well every single day. Let us also remember the words of Jesus in the Gospel (Luke 16:10):

He who is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much; and he who is dishonest in a very little is dishonest also in much.

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    • He was a pioneer in many ways: A pioneer in promoting retreats for lay people, a pioneer in promoting Eucharistic Holy Hours (he organised what is thought to be the first one in Ireland in Newry Cathedral), a pioneer in using creative methods to fundraise for the missions…

      He also visited Lisieux and dedicated himself to Therese, asking her to make him a saint. He said of that visit: “I had a feeling all along that my visit to Lisieux
      would do much for me, and I was not mistaken ; so that
      I am coming home like a bee laden with the honey of God, which I pray Him not to allow me to squander or misuse. “

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