Thoughts for December 27 from Fr Willie Doyle

Try to get down low and follow out what He Himself taught: “Unless you become as little children.” This will make you more confiding, more trustful and more naturally loving, which sometimes we are not, our love for Him being much too formal and prim.

COMMENT: Today is the feast of St John the Apostle, often referred to as “the disciple whom Jesus loved”. There was a particular closeness between Jesus and St John; John alone amongst the male followers of Jesus remained steadfast even up to the crucifixion, and it was to St John that Jesus entrusted Mary, albeit in a figurative sense on behalf of humankind.

In the lives of both Fr Doyle and St John we see two men who were not afraid to love Jesus with a natural and personal love. It is this personal love that counteracts the stereotype of Christianity being a system of rules and morality. At the heart of Christianity is the love and service of Christ, from which all other moral and charitable works flow. The feast of the disciple whom Jesus loved is a good day to remember this fundamental aspect of our Faith.