Interesting reference to Fr Doyle

I just stumbled across the following reference to Fr Doyle in World War 1 discussion forum. It comes from a book entitled The Cross on the Sword: Catholic Chaplains in the Armed Forces by Johnstone, Hagerty and Walmsley:

Fr Fitzmaurice had received the MC for service at Messines Ridge in 1917, and was mentioned in despatches; he was also recommended for the French Legion d’Honneur for ‘constant bravery and endurance’, but received instead the Croix de Guerre avec Palme. During his time in a prison camp when he received a Red Cross parcel he gave the biscuits it contained to German children. Fr Fitzmaurice was present at the Battle of Langemarck with 16th Division; on bleak Frezenberg Ridge he heard the confession of Fr Willie Doyle fifteen minutes before Fr Willie was blown to pieces.

I have never come across this reference before. I wonder what the actual original source for this information is? How appropriate and consoling that Fr Doyle, who offered up his own life to bring the sacraments to dying soldiers was himself granted the ultimate grace of the sacrament a few moments before his own death.

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  1. Fr. Doyle risked his life hundreds of time in ensure that his boys were prepared to meek their Maker . It’s very fitting that Fr. Doyle had the privilege of confession in the minutes before he died.

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