Thoughts for November 14 from Fr Willie Doyle

You certainly put your finger on the weak spot in most priestly lives – the want of prayer. The connection between prayer and zeal never struck me so forcibly before, though holy David says so truly, “In my meditation a fire shall flame out.” Psalm 38. 4. As for personal holiness, you know my views on that, and how convinced I am that all work for God must in the main be barren without it.

COMMENT: Now that we have finished with Fr Doyle’s notes on the Spiritual Exercises, we will return to the normal rhythm of the blog – reviewing and commenting on various spiritual notes and letters of spiritual direction written by Fr Doyle as well as commemorating anniversaries in Fr Doyle’s life. A special welcome to any new readers who may be dropping in as a result of the article on Fr Doyle in the Catholic Herald this weekend…

Fr Doyle was a man of prayer who lived constantly in the presence of God. He had his own ways of cultivating an awareness of this presence with his numerous aspirations and spiritual practices throughout the day. But prayer is not only essential for priests; all need it, lay and clerical alike. In a busy world with many distractions, it can be tempting to push prayer aside and leave it until everything else is done. In practice, this is a recipe for neglecting prayer altogether. God wants generous souls and will give His grace to them. This is the lesson we learn from the life of Fr Doyle and indeed from all of the saints. How appropriate therefore to remember the importance of prayer today which is the feast of all the saints of the Carmelite order. The Carmelites, to whom Fr Doyle was especially devoted, prioritise the life of prayer. May they intercede for us, and help us follow on their holy example.

Today in Dublin we also commemorate the feast of St Laurence O’Toole, the former Archbishop of Dublin and patron of the archdiocese. St Laurence lived in the 12th century. He was a successful and effective archbishop precisely because of the prominence he gave to prayer – a former abbot of the monastery at Glendalough, he retained close monastic links, making a 40 day retreat there each year. In a special way today we pray for the Archdiocese of Dublin and for our Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, that the Lord will strengthen and guide him as he leads the Church in Dublin.

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  1. Clarence John Patrick Francis Anthony Benedict Alphonsus Clement Perpetua Philomena LaFuentes II says:

    How true it is for all of us to have a prayer life. The laity can make a sort of rule or schedule for their own personal use, third order member or not.
    Thank you all and thank you Fr. Doyle, R.I.P.

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