New resources and site changes

A number of important new resources have been added to the site today.

The page on Fr Doyle’s Life (here) has been significantly expanded with the addition of some new pamphlets.

In particular, the booklet Fr William Doyle SJ by Fr Hugh Kelly(1928) is highly recommended and is well worth reading in order to get an overview of the life and spirit of Fr Doyle.

I have removed the pages On Vocations and On Priesthood, and amalgamated all of this material onto a new page entitled Fr Doyle’s Writings (here). Further, I have added the text of a little known booklet of Fr Doyle on the treatment of scruples, as well as his booklet on the rubrics of the Mass. Links have also been added to his translation of a book about Fr Paul Ginhac SJ as well as a book with thoughts for each day of the year, which is largely, though not exclusively, used by this blog.

I am hoping to have a few new resources in the coming weeks. I am especially anxious to track down a copy of Fr Doyle’s booklet on retreats for workingmen and would be grateful to receive a copy if anyone has it.

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