Thoughts for June 28 from Fr Willie Doyle

Fr Doyle was a prolific letter writer

If an aspiration, on the authority of the Blessed (now Saint) Cure d’Ars, often saved a soul, what must you not do each day you suffer so bravely! This thought certainly will help you and make the pain almost nothing, and will add to its merit, since the motive for bearing it will be all the higher.

COMMENT: Today’s quotation comes from a letter of spiritual direction Fr Doyle wrote to somebody who was sick. Like many other expert spiritual directors, Fr Doyle had a very heavy daily correspondence with people all across Ireland.

His advice today is clear – even when we are sick or incapacitated we can do much good by offering up our sufferings for others, especially for the salvation of souls.

This principle applies to us all, at all stages of life. We can offer up minor inconveniences, aches and pains, our work, in fact everything in our life for others. Seen in this light, every day presents a multitude of opportunities to offer small things with love for others, and to grow in holiness ourselves by virtue of these sacrifices.

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